Returning to Our Country Classroom

TPS students are returning this week to their country classroom after what seemed like a longer than usual winter.

Here are some of the topics that will be pursued at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education this spring:

  • Kindergarten students will focus on the life cycle and parts of a plant – activities at the Center will dovetail with Seed to Table garden work at school.  

  • Primary Unit children will be immersed in all things frogs and toads.

  • 3rd graders will explore streams/ponds and macro-invertebrates.

  • Junior Unit students is exploring aspects of Chinese culture (music, movement, and arts) as they relate to nature. Study of the energy cycle as it relates to energy consumption will also continue.

  • 6th graders will identify types of play and the role of play in defining self. They will develop hypotheses and gather evidence that supports or contradicts their hypotheses based on self-reflection and scholarly observation of Schuylkill Center preschoolers.   

  • The 7th grade is embarking on the challenging task of colonizing the New World (aka the Pine Plantation). Students will bring various goals to the New World; some groups are looking for freedom from religious or political persecution, some are hoping to conquer, and some are focused on establishing trading colonies.  

  • 8th graders are focusing on sustainability through the issues of waste and water and will be inspired by their natural surroundings as they compile poetry anthologies.