A Classroom of Student Teachers!

JU-B 4th and 5th graders spent the winter working in inquiry groups to become an expert on a topic related to Ancient China. This spring, each group is taking over a week of morning meetings. Students are thinking about scope, sequence, presentation, student engagement, and assessment as they prepare five 10-minute discussions and two 40-minute lessons on their topic.

Last week, JU-B learned about the environment and pollution in China as they played games that simulated deforestation, learned myths behind silk worms and the discovery of silk, and much more! This week, students studied architecture in China as they learned about house designs and created their own floor plan. They also followed a student-created choose-your-own adventure book about the building of The Great Wall of China. The week ended with an exciting summary game of Jeopardy! Next week, we'll see what the sports and recreation group has in store for us!