Go Play ... in the Woods!

Go Play...In The Woods!
A Presentation of Play Sites and Ideas

Come learn about play from those who know best - kids!  
Tuesday, June 2, 10:45am - 12:30pm
Smith Playhouse

Smith Playhouse and DVAEYC have plans to start an Urban Nature Preschool at Smith. The Philadelphia School's 6th grade students have been studying play this year: their own play, as well as that of preschoolers at TPS and at the SCEE Nature Preschool. Working in the woods at Smith, students have developed ideas about where nature play might happen there, and how Smith's Urban Nature Preschoolers might eventually engage with their woodland space.

At the "Go Play In the Woods!" presentation, TPS 6th graders will share their ideas with parents and with administrators who are developing the nature preschool. Each group of students will make specific recommendations and take visitors on a tour of the woods to share the inspiring play sites that nature has provided and they have discovered.

Hope to see you there!