Who Are "The Compostables"?

The student Green & Healthy Team Ambassadors – aka “The Compostables” – performed their educational sketch to the Primary Units today at lunchtime. This week's performances wrapped-up their successful “Green is the New Black” tour.

The team created a sketch to instruct the 1st-8th grade students (and teachers/staff) about the new resource recovery and sorting bins located throughout the TPS campus. If you haven't noticed the new bins, they are color-coded and sit side-by-side (green=compost, blue=recycling, and black=trash) with photo picture signs above each bin so that everything can be easily sorted. The skit also educated students about the other items that TPS recycles such as:  markers, crayons, eyeglasses, batteries, and TerraCycle (i.e., chip bags and granola bar wrappers).

If you pack a juice box with a straw in your child's lunch, ask him/her if the box and straw go in the same bin. Or ask where an orange peel should go. And don't forget to check out the new bins, and the sign above each for efficient resource recovery and sorting!