Artist's Alley: Bhavisha Patel

Bhavisha Patel is a neighbor of TPS. Her paintings will be up in the artist's alley through the summer. Her warm and appealing paintings about her time in Kenya have given our hallway a beautiful glow. Her images of wild elephants and landscapes in bright, almost powdery colors evoke sunlight and heat.There will be an opening reception with light refreshment on Thursday at 3:30pm. Please stop by and say hello. 

Bhavisha has generously offered to fund the purchase of a gallery hanging system with the sale of the painting below, of a lone bull elephant.

The approximate cost to equip the Artist Alley with the system is $505.00. The bidding for the painting will start $250.00, beginning on Friday, June 5th and ending on Friday, June 12th at 9pm. Please email your bid to Catherine at [email protected]. Catherine will notify you if you are outbid or if you are the highest bidder. No bids will accepted after the close of bidding.

Artist's statement:

Born in Kenya, educated in England, and now living in Philadelphia, Bhavisha came to art from a love of life experiences and a desire to express them on canvas.

Bhavisha began to paint in 1996, dabbling in photography, oils on wood, and watercolors.  Oils are now her predominant medium.

“Painting is my way of pouring my soul onto a canvas, a spiritual experience that allows me to capture the pure energy and harmonious relationships of elements in life and nature. 

"I paint mainly nature scenes of places that I’ve an intimate connection to. The scene always aims to depict the awesomeness of nature and the relationships that exist within it, both in the wild and in urban spaces.  The subjects of my paintings range from snowy mountaintops, rocky river beds, charging bulls or caressing bulls, to urban parks and landscapes. I endeavor to express the resilience of the moment, hope for the future, and feelings of peace and tranquility.  The aim of the paintings is to allow a viewer to walk into the scene, be present, and feel the calmness and appreciate the lessons that Nature has to provide.”