Calendar Change for 2015-2016

We hope your summer is off to a great start.

We have been staying abreast of city-issued updates regarding the impact of the Pope's visit to Philadelphia in late September. As noted in the preliminary calendar sent to families in the winter, we were aware at that time that we might need to close school on Friday, September 25. 

It appears that a gridlock on travel is expected throughout much of the Philadelphia region. Public transportation services will be altered, roads will be closed, and private vehicles will not be a viable transportation option.

Philadelphia public schools will be closed on Friday, September 25, and several Center City independent schools have made the decision to close as well.

Recent updates on the papal visit, as well as a conversation with a mayoral aide, have led us to believe that it will be difficult for many families and faculty members to reach school, and we have made the decision to close on Friday, September 25.

We wanted to give families as much notice as possible so alternate plans can be made for that day. Please note that the possibility of the need to close was taken into consideration when we created the calendar for 2015-16.