Monthly Constitutionals 2015-16

We are excited to be lining up next year's Monthly Constitutional speakers!  Monthly Constitutionals are presentations to our 8th graders by scholars, attorneys, activists, and civic leaders; their presentations connect to topics related to the students' year-long study of the U.S. Constitution.

Already signed up are

  • SEPTEMBER: attorney Josh Wolson, who will share the story of lost original copies of the Bill of Rights
  • OCTOBER: UPenn Professor Campbell Grey, who will speak about how Rome became part of our nation's foundation
  • NOVEMBER: Sarah Besnoff '01, clerk at United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, will guide students in an examination of recent cases before the court
  • DECEMBER: Judge Theresa Timlin, who will lead a discussion on labor law and minimum wage
  • JANUARY: Catherine Carr, Executive Director of Community Legal Services, who will discuss civil Gideon
  • FEBRUARY: UPenn law professor Dorothy Roberts, whose topic will be privacy and the family
  • MARCH: Liza Rodriguez, Ph.D. (urban education), who will lead a discussion about statehood and Puerto Rico 
  • APRIL: State Representative Brian Sims, who will address today's civil rights issues  
  • MAY: Executive Director of the Education Law Center, Deborah Gordon Klehr, who will focus on the rights of minors