Teachers Jam and Explore Ins and Outs of Garageband

The faculty and staff at The Philadelphia School are committed to maintaining the same growth mindset in themselves as they foster in their students. The summer break offers ample time to seek out valuable professional development opportunities.

This past week, a group of TPS educators came together to master the ins and outs of Garageband, a robust and intricate iOS and OS X app, with the help of Zach Wilson from Springboard Media. During the two-day session, music teacher Donna Bostock learned how to layer multiple tracks from various instruments to create an original song. Music teacher Shannon Coulter plugged in her keyboard, recorded a melody, and edited the track in a fully scaled production of her own music. Primary Unit teacher Ben Warrington, on the Garageband guitar, and Matthew Murray, on drums, used the keyboards of their MacBooks to cover The Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

After each tutorial was completed, the contingent collaborated on one last song, with each member contributing a vocal sampling or a unique rhythm from a favorite instrument. Although it is highly unlikely the song will find its way to the top of the iTunes charts, the process of producing and collaborating to create the song was rewarding enough for all those involved.