Summertime at TPS

The last week of camp is winding down, and next week children's footsteps and voices will no longer echo in the halls of The Philadelphia School. 

Though it is much quieter here in the summer months than during the school year, it is a busy time for staff and faculty.

There is some renovation work going on in the third floor of the Lombard Street building, some database training in the Design Thinking Lab, and some all-school theme planning (it is going to be a great theme!) in the Middle School. The technology team is busy getting all our tech tools ready for the fall, and the Finance Office is preparing for the annual audit. 

Teachers have been spotted here and there, planning curricula, field trips, and guest speakers. 

We will all have the opportunity to rest up a bit before the children return in September, but preparing for the new school year is a summertime pleasure.