Matt Murray Receives Tech Grant

Earlier this month, a group of Edcamp participants and supporters gathered with Edcamo's founders to celebrate a $2 million grant that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded to the Edcamp Foundation to further its mission of supporting good teaching.  

The Gates money will be used to to support regional summits for Edcamp organizers and to provide "discovery grants" for teachers. The goal of the grants is to help educators implement ideas they get from Edcamp at their schools.

One of the grant recipients was our very own tech integrator, Matt Murray, whose $500 grant will help the school's continuing initiatives to integrate technology in the TPS curriculum. Matt described his participation in EdCamp as different from many professional development programs. As he explained to Inquirer education reporter Martha Woodall, "[In other programs t]hey talk, you take. You sit in your seat and are bored to tears for hours on end. Edcamp defies that model. Edcamp brings a more exciting, engaging opportunity where my voice can be heard."