Daniel Traub '85 Photo Exhibition in Philly

Alumnus Daniel Traub shared that there will be an exhibition of his project Little North Road at the Slought Foundation in Philadelphia. The exhibition opens on Thursday, September 17, 6-8pm and runs through November 27, 2015.

Here is the information Daniel sent us about the project:

"Little North Road is a collaborative project which explores the African presence in Guangzhou, China through photographs and a short film. At the heart of the project is an archive of images collected from two Chinese itinerant portrait photographers that I encountered on a pedestrian bridge in Guangzhou. These two photographers have made a living providing souvenir portraits to African visitors and residents passing by on the bridge. The project is at once an exploration of the flipside of China's growing involvement in Africa and a meditation on the growing diversity within China itself. It remains to be seen whether this cosmopolitanism is an inevitable part of China's future or something that will not last."

Further information on the exhibit can be found on the Slought Foundation website: https://slought.org/resources/little_north_road