Welcome, New Middle Schoolers!

Our new sixth graders are getting a head start! Teachers Michael Friedman and Noelle Kellich have put together an orientation program to help some of our newest Middle Schoolers become familiar with the campus and the neighborhood, as well as with key aspects of our program.

Yesterday they interviewed TPS teachers - including Maureen Glaccum from Preschool, Elizabeth Zack from Kindergarten, Nike Walker from the Primary Unit, Miriam Harlan from 3rd grade, Dan Lai from the Junior Unit, David D'Altorio from 7th grade, and Ashley Opalka from 8th. They also had the good fortune of interviewing Cal Simon, one of our school's founders.

Orientation goes through Friday - and we have a feeling that these five new Middle Schoolers will be able to teach their veteran classmates a thing or two about TPS!