Play for Change Day

Music lovers all over the globe are joining together to celebrate the fifth annual Playing For Change Day on September 19, 2015. On this day, musicians and fans will gather on stages, street corners, schools, and via live-streams in 61 countries on 6 continents to participate in musical performances, concerts, and events that promote peace and positive social change.

The Philadelphia School is proud to be one of the venues selected for Playing for Change Day. Says Head of School Justine Hoffman, “The goals of Playing for Change – using music to find personal expression, to promote peace through collaboration, to foster children’s self-esteem and resilience, to understand one’s own unique heritage and cultural traditions – resonate deeply with our educational philosophy and practice.”

Music has always been an integral part of our educational program, which seeks to provide students with meaningful, personal experiences with music — as performers, audience members, and scholars.  And our curriculum, across the disciplines, encourages students to sharpen their gaze and view the world through a social justice lens.

On Playing for Change Day, our musicians - faculty and students alike - along with a youth choir from our neighboring New Central Baptist Church - will be among the thousands of musical performers across the globe singing and playing for change.  Two highlights will be 

  • a "virtual collaboration” between our middle school students and students at a school in Ghana founded by Playing for Change 
  • a "Ripple effect," celebrating the Grateful Dead's song "Ripple"

Please join us at The Philadelphia School on Saturday, September 19, from 2 to 4pm, in “The Garage” at 2501 South Street (entrance on 25th Street between South and Naudain streets). Let’s all play for change.