The Mystery of the Bill of Rights

Attorney and TPS parent Josh Wolson once again kicked off our annual series of Monthly Constitutionals in the 8th grade.  Monthly Constitutionals are presentations  by scholars, attorneys, activists, politicians, and civic leaders on topics relating to the students' year-long study of the U.S. Constitution.  

Not only did Josh's presentation relate the the class's study of the Constitution but it also fit right into our all-school theme, "What is a Mystery?"

Josh's gripping story about the the history and recovery of North Carolina's long-lost original copy of the Bill of Rights - which involved an FBI sting operation right here in his firm's Philadelphia offices - was an exciting way to begin the year's Constitutional studies. Josh also discussed the controversy regarding ownership of what seems to be Pennsylvania's copy of the Bill of Rights and explained why the New York Public Library and the National Constitution Center are "sharing" the document.

Next month's Monthly Constitutional will feature Campbell Grey, a TPS parent and Penn associate professor of classical studies, who will speak about the legacy of ancient Rome in American political and philosophical discourse.