Let's Make Some Sandwiches

This is a reminder that our Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service sandwich-making marathon – we have promised to make and deliver 500 sandwiches (and 500 desserts) to shelters in the Philadelphia region – runs from 9:30 to 11:00am in the TPS Garage. (About ten to twelve tables will be set up, each for two families to work at a time. Please be patient if you need to wait for a table.)

Thank you to the 25+ families who are each providing the ingredients for 15-20 sandwiches. Recommended ingredients are

  • mayonnaise or mustard
  • non-white bread
  • cheese,
  • any sliced meat product EXCEPT pork

Please bring sandwich bags (plastic or paper) for the sandwiches you make. Those of you who have offered to make sandwich deliveries, please talk to Lavonia Waddington at the event; she is organizing deliveries and will let you know if your delivery help is needed.

Dessert makers – families with children in grade 1-5 – please drop off your treats in the Garage between 9:00 and 11:30am.  Please deliver them in containers that do not need to be returned to you.

Many Preschool and Kindergarten families have volunteered to assemble "emergency breakfast packets," which consist of a ziplock bag containing a granola bar/fruit bar and juice box (or milk box). They should be dropped off in the Schwartz Siegel building on Tuesday, January 19.

Thanks, everybody, for making this annual initiative a success!