Alum Focuses on Russia and Eurasia

Oliver Backes '04 has been awarded an inaugural Center for Strategic & International Studies B.E.R.A. employee achievement award, specifically "for playing a critical role through the Russia Eurasia Program's leadership transition, taking on additional duties and helping to ensure that obligations were met, including the co-authorship of eight major country study reports for the project EURASIA FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Evolving Foreign Economic and Security Interests."

   Alum Oliver Backes attending the awards dinner.

Oliver, in his 4th year at CSIS, is Program Manager and Research Associate in the think tank's Russian and Eurasia Program. Oliver was a co-author of eight in-depth reports; an example is one from June 2015 relating to Central Asia. The reports are based on research trips to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

This past year, Oliver has been involved in work relating to a number of urgent international diplomacy issues, including Russia’s military campaign in Syria, the Iran Nuclear Agreement, the ISIS bombing of Russia’s Metrojet 9268, Turkey’s downing of the Russian fighter jet SU-24, the failed Minsk II agreement, and the ongoing instability and violence in Ukraine.

(Thank you, Mary Lisbeth Bartlett, for the update!)