Tools for Friendship

While kindergartners spend time all year thinking and talking about how to be a good friend, last week we began to focus on specific tools one can use to be a better friend. 

We started our conversation by looking at a number of seemingly random items:  hammer, paint brushes, cutting board,  scissors, goggles, magnifying glasses, along with other things.  Everyone concluded all the items are tools and that tools can help make a job easier.  We then had children pick out tools and artists could use.  Then a builder and chef. 

Our last question was to find a tool that could help if you’re having a conflict with a friend.  Discovering there are no tools for that, we discussed making our own tools to help make us all better friends. 

Last week each child decorated a tool box to hold his/her friendship tools.  We then introduced our first tool: "Optimism Glasses."  They help us remember that if we're having a conflict, to try to resolve it with a positive attitude. For the month of January we will create many tools and practice using them with the goal of learning how to negotiate thoughtfully with one another.