Portraits of Preschool

In Preschool A, multiple readings of one of our favorites - Karen Katz's The Colors of Us, became a springboard to our first conversations about skin color, hair color, and eye color. The story includes rich, descriptive language -- including the names of familiar and unfamiliar spices and seasonings -- to describe the wide variety in skin color. Our preschoolers pushed up their shirt sleeves to compare their very own “colors of us.” Afterwards they were invited to decorate paper with glue and then, as they sprinkled spices and seasonings atop the glue, their papers came to life with the “colors of us.” This project sparked lots of conversation and was a treat for our eyes and noses! In addition, our portrait partner project gave us an opportunity to work with clay and Model Magic to make faces. We carefully added facial features using natural materials found in our beautiful garden.

Children in Preschool B are diving into our study of ourselves and one another, both inside and out. After reading the book The Colors of Us, each child closely studied his/her face in a mirror and then drew a self-portrait. Close attention was paid to skin tone, eye color, and hair type. To show our inside selves, we read the book My Head Is Full of Colors by Catherine Friend. We learned that a thought bubble is a great way to illustrate what someone is thinking. We now have a stack of preschool thought bubbles to display. It is fascinating to know that our children are thinking about everything from a three-wheeled dump truck to a Ninja grasshopper and much more. There are many deep thinkers in our preschool!