Don't Miss the TPS Pumpkin Chunkin’ Event

Join the Student Council on

Saturday, November 5; 1:00-3:00 p.m.

at the TPS Early Childhood Education Center, 2501 South Street

for the 3rd Annual TPS Pumpkin Chunkin'

Friends, family, and neighbors are invited to stop by and BRING their pumpkins to this unique Student Council fundraiser. For a modest donation, you can select the fate of your gourd!

The Student Council has decided that all proceeds will go to the Red Cross
toward hurricane relief efforts in Haiti.

$2.00 = It's Hammer Time!
Pumpkins will be subjected to energetic kids with mallets. All ages can take a swing (or two or three...).

$3.00 = Time for T-Ball
Three strikes and you’re puree! What is your batting average for gourds? Come find out!

$3.00 = Shot Put
Are you as good as the 2016 Olympians?

$5.00 = Pumpkin Meteors
Donate your pumpkin to a gourd-geous display of gravity.
At 1:45 and 2:45 p.m., we will launch all Pumpkin Meteors from the top of the Garage and celebrate their messy demise.

Composting for the event will be provided by Bennett Compost, a local organization that partners with residents and businesses to reduce landfill waste and to promote healthy soil and gardens throughout the city (