PAIS Visiting Team

As we wrote earlier, for the past year, faculty and staff – with the participation of board members – undertook an exhaustive self-study in preparation for a formal reaccreditation visit by a team from the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PAIS).

Well, the visiting team has come and gone, having spent four days at TPS from October 23 through 26 speaking to faculty, staff, board members, students, and parents about all things TPS. The six-member team, led by Jeff Suzik, the Director of the Falk School in Pittsburgh, asked questions arising from our 198-page-long self-study and from their observations in nearly every classroom. Their focus was on the five main evaluative areas established by PAIS: Organization and Administration, Program, Personnel, Health and Safety, and Physical Plant.

The chair of the visiting committee will personally present the team's final report to the PAIS Accreditation Commission, which will review the report and recommend accreditation to the PAIS Board of Directors. We will receive final word in mid-winter.

Thank you to everyone who met with our guests!