Post-Election Reflections

by Justine Hoffman, Head of School

“Come as you are and we will learn from one another.”

While The Philadelphia School takes a nonpartisan stance when it comes to electoral politics, the school stands firm in its commitment to its long-held values of social justice, diversity, and respectful civil discourse and activism.

Reactions to Tuesday’s election results have been passionate across the nation, and they have been no different here at The Philadelphia School.

Students had the opportunity to share their feelings on Wednesday at their morning meetings. Their reaction was varied, but it is clear that many children are fearful of the rhetoric about people of color, Muslims, immigrants, and women that has prevailed throughout the campaign. In fact, one child was crying because he was “afraid that members of his family will be deported.” Some children expressed a sense of feeling unsafe; others, a sense of not belonging in this country.  

Teachers and staff devoted Wednesday's faculty meeting after school to process their own feelings and, most importantly, to talk about how we can best support our children.

Parents have shared waking up on Wednesday to difficult questions from their children. Here is a recent Huffington article, What Do We Tell the Children, which may help you find answers. The article was written by Ali Michael, Ph.D., who has been working with us at TPS on issues of identity and diversity. We will pass along other resources in this Friday’s “Progressive EDge.”

Please be reassured that we are listening carefully to our children and that we will continue to embolden our students to speak out for the values they believe in.