Storytelling: The Legend of Ouagadou-Bida

On Thursday and Friday the 6th grade welcomed professional storyteller Robb Dimmick into our classrooms. As part of their study of Ancient Ghana, students are learning about the role of griots in African culture, as well as the specific story, the "Legend of the Ouagadou-Bida." Students are also writing their own stories about their respective imaginary countries as one way of knowing. We will also be learning about other ways of knowing throughout the year.

The ability to internalize a story, make it your own, and tell it orally in an interesting and compelling way has intrinsic value. Additionally, students are building towards the ability to tell their own personal stories in a public way later in the year. We are using the "Legend of the Ouagadou-Bida" and the work we are doing with Robb as an opportunity to develop the attitude, courage, and skills they will need to do this. We want to students to find and use their voices as storytellers.

Their study and training culminated with dramatic performances of the story to TPS students in preschool and in first and second grades.