Student Council Helping Hands Initiatives

By Jordan R., Student Council co-blogger

This year, Student Council is hosting three different drives to benefit others. Our drives will benefit animal rescue, people experiencing homelessness, and schools whose children need books and other supplies..

We have finalized our first drive. We will be donating wet (canned) pet food for cats and dogs to PAWS, a pet adoption service based right here in Philadelphia that is dedicated to rescuing and helping animals. We have chosen this cause because we want to hold our food drive after the holidays, when food pantries have less food.

The PAWS drive will take place shortly after Thanksgiving break and will last until winter break, giving people plenty of time to give to animals in need. 

There have been a lot of ideas presented at Student Council meetings on how to make our drives even better, to encourage students to donate more. We have decided that we will award a pizza party to the class that donates the most canned pet food! This will get students motivated to donate, and hopefully this drive will contribute to saving and taking care of many animals! We have taken into account all food restrictions. We have also come up with a way to make sure that each class has a fair chance of winning the pizza party, no matter how many students are in the class.

Our next drive, during the winter,  will benefit people experiencing homelessness, and the spring drive will benefit schools that need books. 

We hope that everyone will contribute to these causes, as they really do make a difference. You can help animals and people in need!