It's Almost Feast Time!

On Tuesday, November 22, the school community will gather in family circles in the gym at 11:30am for the traditional "entertainment" portion of our Thanksgiving Feast.  So far, the program includes songs performed by the preschool (“There’s a Little Wheel a Turnin’ in my Heart”), kindergarten ("Damos Gracias" and the "Survival Song") and by Primary B and D ( "If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out"), as well as presentations from our 6th grade storytellers and a performance of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Donna’s ensemble. There will also be an important announcement from the Student Council about their first Helping Hand initiative of the year.

This year we will be once again feasting with our family groups, but not in the gym. You may recall that last year we used both the gym and the Multipurpose Room. This year we will all disperse to our usual family circle sites (preschool will be divided into four groups with a preschool teacher in the lead to join in family circles, one group on each floor). Lunch will be set up buffet style in central locations on each floor. ASEP will be providing traditional theme-inspired centerpieces, and administrative staff will be helping to serve the food.

We are delighted that TPS founders Lynne Berman and Cal Simon will be joining us for the feast, as will Five Star staff (who are the miracle workers who clean our buildings every evening to ready them for the children in the mornings). A particularly special guest is Bill Bond, who has ferried our students on his bus to city sites and our country classroom for more than 30 years!

The menu for this year's Thanksgiving Feast is lasagna (both vegetarian and gluten/dairy-free), brownies (using former teacher Ann Clark's traditional recipe), cornbread, and salad. Everything will be prepared by our students – early next week you will catch wafts of baking brownies and simmering tomato sauce as you walk through the Lombard Street building!

Thank you in advance to the families who are helping us with our preparations and for delivering the lasagnas, cornbread, and brownies made for Trinity WinterShelter at Trinity Memorial Church.