Musica de la clase de espanol

Kindergarteners have been active in Spanish learning colores, counting from uno a diez, and greeting each other in different ways. One of our favorite ways to explore the language is by singing! Our Colores, Hola and Diez amigos songs are fun, interactive and really help the students retain the vocabulary we are working on.  We thought you might like to try singing along to our musica at home.  You can find some of our lyrics here and listen to recordings of the kids singing the songs below:

El Baile De los Colores (originally composed by Jose-Lois Orozco, adapted by the kindergarten)

Hola Song

Diez Amigos

We have also been learning some merengue from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic as well as making a big collage to practice using the names for objects we regularly encounter in class like: crayones (crayons); marcadores (markers); papel (paper); tijeras (scissors); and cinta (tape).