Math Teachers as Students

TPS faculty Liz McCannell (Learning Resources), Barbara Stanley (Learning Resources), Steve Bartholomew (7th), Diane Butler (3rd), Katie Miller (K), Jess Ford (6th), and Ethan Tannen (8th) all spent time at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Regional Conference in Philadelphia over the past two days.

The teachers were able to consider their math teaching practices and large-scale programs in an intellectual atmosphere of math educators from across the East Coast. The following are just some of the sessions that teachers attended:

  • "Mathematical Mastery from Ancient Africa to Urban America"
  • "Tiered Approach to Project-Based Learning in Mathematics and Engineering"
  • "Teaching Algebraic Thinking and Problem Solving without the 'X’s'"
  • "Can Assessments Lead to a Growth Mindset?"
  • "Don't Lecture! Let Desmos Help You Facilitate!"
  • "How Real-World Applications Deepen Conceptual Understanding in Middle School"  

Teachers left the conference feeling motivated, intellectually stimulated, and excited to implement concrete strategies learned at the annual conference. 

Thank you to Ethan Tannen for submitting this story.