Attic Workshops for the TPS Community

The Attic was at TPS last Wednesday and Thursday to educate our entire community on issues related to gender exploration and sexuality. The goal of the presentations was to foster understanding, impart knowledge, and provide strategies for creating safe and affirming environments for LGBTQ youth.

On Wednesday afternoon, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders participated in workshops where they learned language associated with gender identity and sexuality. Students also had the opportunity to ask questions and hear personal stories from The Attic's facilitators.  The stories shared by the facilitators were auto-biographical and focused on their challenges and triumphs as members of the LGBTQ community.  

Teachers and staff participated in a training with the Attic on Wednesday afternoon.  Their workshop focused on vocabulary, best practices/protocols, statistics, and educational resources related to gender identity and sexuality.  As they did during the student training, facilitators shared their personal stories. 

At Thursday evening's parent workshop, there was a solid turnout of interested parents. Their training was similar to that of the teachers' the day before, but parents had the opportunity to address issues related to their own families.

Stay tuned for more trainings related to gender and sexuality.