Family Diversity Playdate

by Bob Prischak and Christy Santoro

The Family Diversity Committee (FDC) hosted its first playdate of the year on Sunday, October 30.  The playdate is a chance for students, parents, and families to gather together with people they might not ordinarily play or talk with.  As part of our commitment to diversity, we host these playdates in order to create a space where we can demonstrate to our children what consciously and intentionally diverse groups look like.

There were lots of crafts and games for the kids to do, including making pine cone birdfeeder mobiles (using soy butter instead of peanut in case any children had issues) that were hung in the garden as “permanent” decorations.  The children also made suncatchers and other decorations when they took a break from lightsabers and other games.

The adults took some time to discuss what FDC is and does, as well as get an update on the board and the school’s work around diversity.  We then had a pretty freewheeling discussion on how to explain diversity to our children, especially when many of them experience more diversity in their daily lives than most of the country.  While we did not come up with a definitive solution, we used that fact to model our commitment to diversity.