Preschoolers Design Treehouse

The Lavenders and Milkweeds groups divided and conquered a structural elements challenge for our treehouse project this week in preparation for Jonathan (Eila’s dad) and Eric’s (an architect colleague of Jonathan’s) visit to TPS.

Divided into three groups, the preschoolers excitedly convened, ready to use glue, craft sticks, cardboard, yarn, and markers to brainstorm and create models and drawings for windows, ladders, and an ideal structural shape of the treehouse for Eila’s backyard. Each group had an opportunity to practice presenting their ideas to their peers before we invited Jonathan, Ilana (Eila’s mom), and Eric into the classroom for a mock charette—a meeting to review the design elements by way of scale models and drawings.

Post-charette, we gathered as a large group to briefly summarize and discuss ideas for the project. Each child used a sticker to vote for their preference in window, ladder, and structural shape choices. With his awe-inspiring drawing talent, Eric created a technical drawing of a treehouse envisioned by our preschoolers. As the architect/engineer team was getting ready to leave, they noted that ours was the easiest charette they’d ever orchestrated!