iPads Go to Kindergarten

The TPS Technology Department consistently makes a concerted effort to be as cognizant as possible of our students’ in-school screen time.  Our emphasis when integrating technology into the classroom minimizes passive consumption (watching and listening) and encourages content creation on students’ digital devices.  

We often cite Common Sense Media for their robust recommendations on what apps are developmentally appropriate (via their sister site, Graphite) and where to find up-to-date research on topics like screen time. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than one hour per day for children aged 2-5.

When it comes to iPad Activity Stations in kindergarten, we limit per student usage of the devices and apps to 20 minutes as we rotate groups of students in and out so that everyone gets a turn.

So far this school year, students in both kindergarten classrooms have had the opportunity to learn about the scientific method, code a strawberry-loving monster to travel through a maze-like forest, draw letters with their fingers in the correct stroke order, and interact with manipulatives to spell words, create tangrams, and design structures to control the flow of atoms.

In case you’re interested in exploring some of the same digital educational experiences as our kindergarteners, here’s the shortlist of iOS apps we’ve utilized so far this school year:

Sid’s Science Fair: Classification, Charting, Sequencing, Pattern Recognition
Tangible Play’s Osmo: Physics (Newton), Tangrams, Spelling (Letters), Coding
Little Writer: Tracing Letters