Talents on Display

Each February, the TPS Student Council sponsors, organizes, and emcees the Talent Show, where scores of student acts amaze, inspire, amuse, and astonish an appreciative audience!

But what really happens at the TPS Talent Show? What is the true mystery behind this annual event, which limits its audience to faculty, staff, and students?  

After the two-hour show, new staff member Jena Croxford marveled, "The Talent Show was the most glorious expression session I've ever witnessed. The line-up of sugar-sweet soloists, corny comedians, jam bands, beat boxers, poetry slammers, hula hoopers (and there were many) was impressive – I'm pretty sure there were more performers than audience members."

There were also acts that Jena – and even veteran Talent Show audience members – never could have have anticipated – gargling a song, belly dancing, football maneuvers, and more! 

But the line-up of 66 different acts – each wonderful in its own way – is not what the audience and performers take away from the show. It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of the whole school. But the reason even the tiniest and youngest solo performer (there were dozens of first and second graders among the performers!) feels confident is the way the audience snaps, claps, and waves their arms during the performance and, of course, the cheers of support that will inevitability follow. 

This is TPS at its finest!