Announcing Day in the Life Photo Day at TPS!

MARCH 15, 2016 IS


Students, parents, teachers, staff . . . everyone in the TPS community is invited to take photographs and be part of an immense portrait of The Philadelphia School.

Use your cell phone or digital camera to photograph your activities throughout the day on March 15. Begin photographing when you wake up and continue by capturing your journey to school and your activities during the day and even after school.

Help us capture the heart of the school by photographing a special moment, person, or situation that tells a TPS story. Let your kids take photos, too. We want to see their perspectives!

From your mobile device or computer, you can upload your photos (no more than 10 please) here:

Or you can email them to Kate Riccardi at [email protected].

TPS Photo Day is part of “A Day in the Life,” a special mini-course taught by TPS parent Kate Riccardi for middle school students interested in documentary photography.  The students will be preparing an iBook of photographs, which may also be displayed throughout the school.