MathCounts 2016

This year's MathCounts competition involved both highs and lows for TPS. Lucas Schlesinger, 8th grader and 4-year veteran of MathCounts competitions, placed 9th in the city overall. His team cheered him on as he attacked difficult questions in head-to-head rounds against two opponents. 

As a school, TPS placed fifth, due in large part to our particularly young team (several 8th graders in the club were not able to attend the competition this year). Despite placing lower than last year, our performance was notable for several reasons. Our 7th and 6th graders gained valuable experience for future years and did quite well for their grade (some schools' teams are comprised entirely of 8th graders!). Noah Riccardi actually placed 15th in the city, a remarkable accomplishment for a 7th grader new to the team! These accomplishments bode well for TPS in the 2017 competition. 

Thank you, Coach Abby Gordon, for supporting our "mathletes"! (Please note that the photo below does not include the entire team.)