A Chess Team to Reckon With

The TPS Chess Tigers won a record SIX Pennsylvania State team trophies at this past weekend's Pennsylvania State Scholastic Chess Championship in Lancaster. This is not only a record for TPS but a record for ANY team in the history of the tournament! The team won three first and three second place trophies!  By the way, we were missing five very strong players!

Here are the TPS Tigers who participated in the two-day event. 

K6 U700 (1st Place) 5 players

Jack Leitzell (4th overall)
Gage Philips (6th overall)
George Davis-Diver (5th overall)
Brody Park (7th overall)
Solomon Stone

K6 U1000 (1st Place) 9 players

Coleman Wampler
Kobrin Goloveyko
Jack Leitzell
Grayson Wade (tied for 5th overall)
Evan Liddy
Gage Philips
George Davis-Diver
Alex Doraszelski (1st Under 900)
Anand Rajagopalan

K6 U600 (1st Place) 8 players

Joey Schlesinger  (1st Under 500)
Soloman Stone
Anthony Regli
Moshe Lipkin (2nd Under 300)
Arjun Ahya (co-champion)
Coleman Wampler
Reed Corson
Sebastian Picht

K8 Open (2nd Place) 3 players

Tate Park (7th Overall)
Amory Park (1st Under 1200)
Lucas Schlesinger 

K3 U500 (2nd Place) 7 players

Isha Ahya
Roman Mills (1st U500)
Nathaniel Keller
Samuel Weisz
Max Greenbaum
Finn Mcgarvey

K3 Open (2nd Place) 4 players

Ben Russo (6th Overall)
Brody Park (1st Under 600)
Max Grenider
Anand Rajagopalan