Day 2: Heritage Farm

By Molly C-U, 7th grade

On our class's second trip to Heritage Farm, we worked on planting.  (If you haven't read about Week 1, here is the link.) Adrian said the last frost had been that past Saturday evening, so that since then they had been frantically planting as many crops as possible.

Our job was to plant several hundred chives, red and green lettuce, and kale.  A few people dug the holes for the plants with a rolling tool that Adrian had created. One group carried plants over from the greenhouse, while another soaked them in nutrient-rich water to make them healthier and then dropped them into the holes. The third group gently split the roots and covered them with dirt. No one was afraid to get their hands dirty, and everyone worked hard. Adrian said that the work that took us three hours would have taken the four of their staff about two days working as hard as they could.

Because we got to eat lunch in the greenhouses again, we also got to see how things had changed from the week before. The crops had grown so much, and we could also see changes in things we didn’t work on, like the fruit trees and other crops.

We look forward to seeing our crops next week!