Professional Development with Ali Michael

Our April 13th faculty meeting was dedicated to ongoing diversity efforts. The primary focus of our work this year has centered on the question, How do we enhance equity in our classroom?  

We again called on Ali Michael, Director of the P-12 Consulting and Professional Development Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education at the University of Pennsylvania, to facilitate a workshop and review of her work this fall with our preschool and kindergarten teams.  Teachers had the opportunity to direct questions to Ali and to the teams who had worked with her. They created personal goals around equity and inclusion in their own classrooms and developed next steps to address them. 

Ali's work is ongoing at TPS.  Currently she is working with the 6th grade team. We are excited that Ali will be back next year in a similar role with other teaching teams. The model that Ali and TPS have created has been an excellent way to support and bring about positive change in the instruction and support of all of our students.