Zebrafish: Days 3-4

By Molly C-U, 7th grade

Day 3 + 4
As the week progresses, so too our zebrafish are growing inside their embryos. On the third and fourth days of our lab, we are seeing exciting changes in our zebrafish. The majority of our zebrafish are getting pigmented with black dots on their body as the fish grow into baby wild types. Others may be albinos and are staying light in color. The zebrafish are also consuming more of the yolk and moving within their chorion.

As the week is almost coming to an end, we are gathering our lasts bits of data and observations in preparation for the formal four-paragraph lab report. These reports will summarize our study, hypotheses, and data from our mini-unit on zebrafish.

I am looking forward to the hatching of the zebrafish embryos. Next week, we will continue our study of genetics with new knowledge.

Day 4 photos: