Socially Conscious Playwrights

Today the TPS community was very lucky to enjoy 3A's play "George's Time Travel Adventure: Fighting for Fairness," and 3B's play "Planting Roots of Hope."

Directed by the third grade teaching team (Miriam Harlan, Josh Herren, Anna Park, and Diane Butler) and staff from Young Playwrights of Philadelphia, the third graders wrote and directed these shows over the past two months.

Both plays were a moving display of our socially conscious students, addressing current and relevant topics such as racism, sexism, and immigration and connecting them to the history of the United States. We are so proud of our talented and thoughtful students!

Music teacher Aaron Picht helped the children prepare the musical portion of the productions and accompanied on piano. Art teachers Catherine Bogart-Rome and Rick Jacobsen assisted with set design. Thank you Kate Riccardi Photography for capturing wonderful moments from both plays. 

Below are photos from 3A's morning performance of "George's Time Travel Adventure: Fighting for Fairness."

And here are some from 3B's afternoon performance of "Planting Roots of Hope."