All Things TPS Graduation

It's almost time for the Class of 2016 to leave us!  Here is a guide to Graduation 2016 for their families.

~ Tuesday, May 31. Graduation Ceremony Rehearsals began. No absences please from this date on!

~ Thursday evening, June 9 (6:45pm). The 8th graders are our honorees at a Presentation Ceremony in the Gym, where teachers make a short speech to each child and present a gift

  • There is no limit (within reason, of course) to the number of guests families can invite to this evening event. There are no printed invitations to this ceremony.
  • Parking will be limited. Please plan to walk, carpool, or take public transportation. (There is a parking garage at Lombard and 21st Street.)
  • 8th graders should arrive by 6:30pm and take their seats on the platform.
  • Dress for graduates: 8th graders are asked to dress nicely for this event- no jeans, hats, hoods, t-shirts, or sneakers, please. There is no need for suits or fancy dresses.
  • Videotaping is permitted but only with hand-held cameras at your seat.
  • Light refreshments will be served.
  • We expect the evening to end at 8:45pm.

~ Friday, June 10 (9-11:15am). Graduation Day

  • Tickets were sent home with students in early May.
  • Parking will be unavailable in the school’s lots. Please walk, carpool, or take public transportation. Please advise guests that on-the-street parking is limited to 2 hours; guests who do drive might want to park in a nearby garage (there is one at 21st and Lombard).
  • Each graduate will give a speech or perform as an individual or in a small group. The ceremony takes place in the gymnasium.
  • Dress for graduates: no hats,shorts, jeans, sneakers, or t-shirts; in the past, most boys have worn a suit or a jacket and tie; girls usually wear dresses – we recommend that they have a sweater with them because it does get chilly.
  • Graduating 8th graders should arrive at school no later than 8:30am and report to the Multipurpose Room.
  • This morning ceremony is attended by all our students. Younger siblings who are TPS students may sit with their classmates or with their family.
  • Guests may enter the gymnasium after 8:30am.
  • Please note that student speeches and musical performances are limited in length, with musical performances running a little longer than speeches.
  • The school will be videotaping the ceremony, and the video will be posted on the school website as soon as possible.
  • After the ceremony, graduates and their guests will gather in the Garage for an informal reception. (If you are planning to go out to lunch after graduation, you may want to consider a reservation no earlier than 12:30 or 1pm)
  • Bring lots of tissues!

Questions? Email Lois West at [email protected]