Junior Unit Boating

By Kate Riccardi, Junior Unit parent

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be the photographer at The Cardboard Boat Race, the second of many Olympic events featuring the Junior Unit Olympic city-state teams Athens, Megara, Argos, Naxos, Sparta, and Corinth.

Each team had been given a large cardboard box and three rolls of duct tape to make a seaworthy boat that could support one (small!) team member. The competition was to take place in the Friends Select School swimming pool. The objective of the event was to stay afloat for 20 minutes and additional points would be given to the boat that traveled the most laps.

The excitement and pride were palpable as the young architects carried the boats into the school and set them on the edge of the pool. Surrounded by teammates, each captain was carefully lowered into the boat in the water. Cheers of glee and relief followed each launch as one by one, the boats successfully set sail (or afloat) into the pool. Team cheers rang out in the echoing pool room as the captains began paddling their boats forward. As the boats stayed afloat and captains paddled, the cheers turned to "Let's Go, Everyone!" in typical TPS fashion. Twenty minutes elapsed, with only one sinking casualty, and the race was over. Waterlogged boaters and boats were dragged out of the pool, each one given a hearty cheer, and although the race was over, the excitement lingered in the air. Points were given out, and the students headed back to TPS, looking forward to the events yet to come.