Fadwa Kingsbury '06 in Buenos Aires

Fadwa Kingsbury '06 moved to Buenos Aires in the end of May. She is working for Expanish, a Spanish-language school that also partners with universities, including the University of California, to offer study abroad programs. Fadwa is the University Program Coordinator, and she is also working to design an internship program for those who wish to come work and stay in Buenos Aires for a time.

Expanish has been operating in Buenos Aires for 10 years, but they are constantly growing and changing. Says Fadwa, "I am lucky that I also get to be a part of this development." 

Fadwa is living in the historic neighborhood of San Telmo near downtown Buenos Aires. She writes that she is "slowly but surely getting to know the city, and I'm loving it!"

Spanish, city living . . . she must have attended The Philadelphia School!