Radio Man: Ben Abrams '11

Ben Abrams (TPS '11, Friends Select '15) is a sophomore in the Honors College at Hofstra University.  Having completed a minor in music in his freshman year, Ben is now majoring in Radio, Television and Film in Hofstra's Lawrence Herbert School of Communication. Ben hopes to work as a recording and/or broadcast engineer, producer or on-air personality.  

Music and radio have always been a big part of Ben's life. Says his father, Jeff Abrams, "His guitar, singing and composition work began in the TPS Primary Unit, in Raji Malik's group guitar class, deepened with Thomas Flanagan's private lessons, and he has continued studying and performing, both in organized productions and as a solo act, into college."  In high school, Ben co-founded Friends Select's online radio station (WFSS: Falcon FM) and became its primary producer and a frequent on-air DJ. 

Ben's immersion in the radio medium has broadened and deepened at Hofstra, where, as a freshman, he won a coveted spot on the broadcast schedule of WRHU-FM, the Marconi award-winning No. 1 non-commercial radio station in the country.  This fall he can be heard hosting RHU's Friday afternoon "Jazz Cafe," as well as writing and presenting news updates.  

In June 2016,  Ben joined the tech team at the start-up FM broadcast station of the city's Public Access PhillyCAM. While serving as a volunteer at the Democratic Convention, he also provided on-air news Convention packets for WPPM that were broadcast on several evenings as part of the station's daily news round-up.  ( In January 2017 Ben will travel to Cuba to pursue an Honors Seminar learning how media (and broadcast radio in particular) has played a role in that island nation's slow emergence from the shadow of the Cold War embargo.