Preschool News

The Milkweeds and Lavenders (Preschool A) enjoyed listening to Margaret Miller’s photo-essay, Now I’m Big. The book features photographs of young children alongside those same children’s baby pictures. Our preschoolers listened intently to the descriptions of the "characters" in the book as they proudly shared what they can do as "big kids." Using oil pastels, they represented their ideas on paper. We learned that some children can “go fishing,” “walk down the street by myself,” and “count so high”! During closing meeting, each child’s work was shared with the class, providing a lovely way for the children to not only share but also to learn a little bit more about the members of their classroom community. Come and see their work on display in our classroom!

This week during Project Time Preschool B created self-portraits.  We read The Colors of Us, and then we chose a color of clay or Model Magic that we thought looked like the skin on our hands.  We rolled out a face shape and then filled in facial features using natural materials, many which we found in the Garden.  You’ll get a chance to see everyone’s self-portrait when you come to Back-to-School Night.