Meet the "Family"

Kindergarteners had lunch in the Garden on Monday with their Family Group leaders; this was the beginning of a beautiful, year-long relationship!

At the beginning of the school year, each Middle School student (grades 6-8) becomes a Family Group leader, assigned three or four younger students to work with and mentor. For example, an eighth grader will typically lead a Family Group consisting of a fifth grader, a third grader, and a kindergartener.  

Throughout the year, Family Groups get together – often in the context of a larger group, which we call a Family Circle – to have lunch, to attend assemblies, and to work and play on school-wide activities. Two teachers or administrators are members of each Family Circle.

Not only are mixed-age groupings a way for students to meet other children across the grades, but they also allow students to work closely with teachers from other classrooms. Seeing the care and enthusiasm with which our older students mentor their young charges is such a pleasure!