"Be the Change" Wall

We are delighted to share information about a Family Diversity Committee initiative, spearheaded by Keisha Usher-Martin and Kaleema Poles.

A “Be the Change” Wall is coming to TPS, and you can see the beginnings of it in the Lombard Street lobby, where Kaleema has begun painting a “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World” mural to direct viewers to Artists Alley.  Inspired by the Love Wall that appeared in a New York City subway station after the presidential election, Artists Alley will be covered in colorful Post-its featuring words of hope, improvement, and solidarity – words to inspire change for the better.

Our hope is to have everything set up  when we come back to school next Tuesday, after our Day of Service activities in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's work and teachings.

We are also scheduling time for parents to come in to read advocacy books to preschool and kindergarten classes. Titles include What Does Peace Feel Like by Vladimir Radunsky, We Came to America by Faith Ringgold, and Grandfather Gandhi and Be the Change by Arun Gandhi. Other books have been purchased to share inspiring words and actions.

We invite parents to stop by Artists Alley next week. Write your own message (include your name) and add it to the wall. Post-its will be available throughout the next several weeks for students, staff, and family to share their feelings. Preschool and kindergarten classrooms will have Post-its available near their sign-in sheets -- feel free to help your children write, sign, and leave their note. Please add a Post-It on your behalf, as well (the notes will be brought over to Lombard Street). The "Be the Change" Wall will be up through mid-February.

Here’s how you can help additionally. If you have Post-its to donate, old photo frames, or wall frame decal stickers, just drop them off at school. We want to fill the wall!

Thank you to Keisha and Kaleema for bringing this uplifting project to TPS.