Let's Go Lobbying

Ten Middle School politically minded Middle School students are learning how to lobby! 

Let's Go Lobbying is an 8-week Intensive that combines interviews with professional lobbyists, research on issues, appointment scheduling (hopefully with staff in Senator Casey's and Senator Toomey's offices), meeting preparation (including testing out their presentations on State Representative Brian Sims), and LOBBYING!

The class, made up of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, met last week with lobbyist Holly Kinser of The Kinser Group. Holly demonstrated how she lobbies: She lobbied teacher Jake Hunter – playing the role of a conservative farmer from Central Pennsylvania recently elected as state rep – to support the construction of a lacrosse stadium in North Philadelphia.

Students have identified several issues that they are passionate about, including climate change, equal pay for equal work, abortion rights, voter id laws, health care, gun violence, immigrant rights, foreign relations, LGBT rights, electronic waste, and factory farming. This week the students will be homing in on two of the issues.