Traffic Calming on Lombard Street

The Philadelphia School supports efforts to calm traffic in the neighborhood in general and the placement of a stop sign at Taney and Lombard streets in particular.

Our school's top priority is ensuring the safety of children. We believe that the city, while to be applauded for responding to the dangerous situation at Taney and Lombard and making it safer, has at the same time unfortunately made the intersection at 25th and Lombard more hazardous by changing the traffic signal to a stop sign. The intersection at 25th and Lombard is extremely dangerous without traffic lights, particularly during morning rush hour when our students arrive at school and during our afternoon dismissal.

The school is in conversations with the Streets Department and Councilman Kenyatta Johnson's office, as well as with nearby neighbors, to ask for a traffic-calming remedy for Lombard Street that allows for restoration of operational traffic lights at 25th.