The Attic on Campus

By Brian Johnson, Director of Diversity

Recently, gender/sexuality trainers from The Attic were on campus to continue our work from last year on building our community's cultural competency around issues of gender and sexuality. Students in our 7th and 8th grades were challenged to learn related vocabulary and ask questions to our facilitators regarding gender and sexuality. 

TPS continues its work on creating a gender policy to complement our existing gender statement. The Attic focused its efforts on exploring and discussing the behaviors and protocols we will need to learn and adopt to be live up to the policy. Topics ran the gamut from bathroom protocols, to sports teams, to non-gendered language. 

The Attic also led two consecutive trainings for our parents, which challenged parents to create responses to different scenarios that they may encounter with their own children regarding gender and sexuality. The scenarios led to rich discourse! 

As we move forward with this work, we will continue to provide the community with gender and sexuality training.