Alumna Saves Dogs After Hurricane Maria

Maddie Andrews '10, currently a senior at Penn studying ecology and evolutionary biology, conducted field work this summer studying Rhesus Macaque monkeys on Cayo Island in Puerto Rico. While she was there, she fell in love with a group of stray dogs. She and other committed researchers have flown out these dogs after Hurricane Maria. There are two particular dogs in need of homes.  


Below are pictures of Moose (black + white) and Shadow (brown/black lab). They survived 165 mph winds during Hurricane Maria without any shelter, only with each others' support. Maddie spent a lot of time with them this summer and says, "They are two of the most lovable dogs I have ever had the pleasure to know." Their ages are approximate, but they are believed to be 3-4 years old. Both are vaccinated for DHPP and rabies.  They are both good with other dogs – they are used to living with a funny diverse array. 

Moose: Moose was the alpha of his pack; he is an extremely lovable dog. He loves people and attention and was very caring towards the rest of a three-dog pack. He followed the researchers every day to work and sat by their feet. He is neutered.  


Shadow: Shadow (named for following around Moose) is an even more people-oriented dog. He greeted the researchers every day with a body wiggle and adorable excited noises. He really loves a good rub and is a cuddly dog. He is not yet neutered (neutering can done for around $60 in Philly because he is a rescue).


Please don't hesitate to call Maddie if you are even a bit interested in providing a home for one of these dogs:  215-360-5037.