TPS Preschool Hair Shop

The Phoenixes and Griffins preschool groups expressed a great deal of curiosity about the hair on their heads while drawing self-portraits earlier this fall. After revisiting a favorite book, Natasha Tarpley’s I Love My Hair!, and hearing a new story, Michael Strickland’s Haircuts at Sleepy Sam’s, the children decided to set up the TPS Hair Shop. They created a list of items we’d need to open our very own shop. (Ask your children what they suggested!) The list included cardboard for doors, pretend scissors, capes, hair dryers and spray, an envelope for money (to pay the stylist, of course), and the iconic "swirly barbershop pole."

This week the children hosted two very special “guest experts”  as part of their Hair Shop project. Jack and Louis’s mom, Lisa, joined us to talk about her work as a dermatologist. She showed us a special tool — a lighted dermatoscope — used to magnify her patients’ hair. Your children were so curious and eager to look through the dermatoscope themselves. We learned about conditions such as alopecia, and Lisa shared images of children who look a little different because their bodies have trouble growing hair. She reassured us that those same kids live very happy lives, and sometimes grow up to be NBA basketball players!

On Thursday our own Keisha Smith (administrative assistant in the early childhood building) shared her expertise in hair-braiding. Keisha has a cosmetology degree and, using our classroom mannequin, demonstrated techniques and products that are used specifically for African American hair. She showed us how to smooth the hair using coconut oil, then part the hair, and create cornrows and braids (or plaits). Many of us tried braiding our own hair as we watched Keisha at work!

Earlier in the week a special client stopped by the Hair Shop for some TLC. Athletic Director Bart received the best of hair care!